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About Us

About us

Welcome to Khora
Khora is the world's first virtual reality store, which opened its doors in February 2016.
The goal is to create a virtual reality hub for innovators so we can learn about the technology and expand its potential. Combining a storefront, educational platform, and lab space, Khora aims to integrate people of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in this emerging technology.

Our Goal
We want to create an environment where ideas about virtual reality can develop and come to life.

Vision & Mission
Virtual Reality is a new communication medium that can revolutionize the world in which we live in under many aspects. Khora wants to discover its potential, and use it for exciting and valuable projects.

What we do

Store | Corporate | Education | Gaming
We create VR content solutions for companies and we strive to introduce VR content to the general public.

Khora is a concept derived from Plato, and is defined as a place between the real and non-real that wavers between the sensible and the intelligible.
Virtual reality affects the senses and the subconscious as though it were real, even though the conscious mind knows that it is not.

With this in mind, Khora was created to become a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. It is here that we try to create space for people to develop and let loose their wildest imaginations.



Our shop is our physical bridge to Virtual Reality.
Visit us in the Meatpacking district in Copenhagen and try a FREE DEMO of a VR experience in 3 different headsets.

You can also buy a 30 minutes VR experience and many different VR products.


Cardboard 100kr.-
BoboVR Z4 iPhone/Android headset 500kr.-
Samsung Gear VR 900kr.-
Gamepad 100kr.-
SteelSeries Stratus XL Gaming Controller (Windows+Android) 500kr.-
30 mins. VR Experience 200kr.-
Book/order it on the phone | e-mail
(31 16 91 81 |
OR buy it at our store!

We are looking forward to meet you!

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat 10-18

Høkerboderne 8, 1712 København



We are Virtual Reality Experts who create stunning Virtual Reality Content (360º Videos or 3D animations).
We can help your company find out how can VR be a solution for your company!

Visualization Physical Experience Digital Entertainment Education/Simulation E-Commerce
Workflow Optimization
Social Time
Schools and Universities
Staff Training
Driving Schools
Virtual Commerce

Come have a cup of coffee in our store and let us discuss how can we help you develop your business.
Feel free to contact Sérgio Oliveira ( | 91 85 77 30) to schedule it.

If you are curious about Virtual Reality and you would like to experience it and learn about its potential, Khora is the place to be. We would like to welcome you to participate in one of our general or customized workshops.

Why a workshop?
With us you will try selected demos on different VR platforms, along with getting an insight in what Virtual Reality is and how it is utilized in different industries. We will customize the workshop to fit your areas of interest.

General Workshop
2hour - 1.000kr. + 400kr. p/ person*
Customized Workshop
2hour - 6.000kr. + 400kr. p/ person*
Test the latest technologies in VR
Try all available demos
Speak with one of our VR experts during the demo session.
Test the latest technologies in VR
Hand picked demos/videos.
Try all available demos
30mins presentation on VR uncovering the potential for your industry
Roundtable Q & A.

Do you have a company event where you want to showcase Virtual Reality at your venue?
We can help you with facilitating the demos and/or equipment rental.
Let Sérgio know about what you have in mind at or at 91 85 77 30.

Past Work

frame logo Ungdommens Røde Kors Bibiana Danmark F.C. København Conscia



Khora Education
At Khora we care about education and we are aware that a technology and entrepreneurship focus is key in shaping the minds of the citizens of the future.
This is why we offer school workshops, where we can tailor parts of the workshop to fit specific needs, such as school projects or subjects.

School Workshop
Up to 25 students
7th grade and older
2-3 hour long
Demonstrations of our headsets and some VR experiences
Interactive lectures and assignments about the world of Virtual Reality

For more information and booking, please contact Morten Haulik ( | 31 16 91 81)



Cityscape Repairman
Khora is the creator of the game Cityscape Repairman, the first Danish game in the Oculus Gear VR Store. The game was also finalist in the Oculus mobile VR jam.

Future Projects
Next project will be DIY the Universe, which will be an educational game where 2 students collaborate to create the universe by assembling the necessary atoms.

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